Smart Documents

The most important component in adding a blockchain authentication layer to any application. Integra Smart Documents are the foundational element and core technology driving the Integra ecosystem. In this guide, the entire lifespan of Smart Documents will be covered, from creation to structured metadata in the document to verification and metadata extraction.


Integra Smart Documents are PDF documents that can be verified as authentic using blockchain technology and once they are verified as authentic, the rich structured metadata contained within the documents can be trusted and used for automation into any software by simply mapping fields. An additional feature and or option is the addition of a QR code that links to VerifiedByIntegra for authentication purposes of the document. This guide will cover all the details from the basics of what a Smart Document actually is and what the benefits are of a Smart Document.

Smart Document Features

There are several unique features to an Integra Smart document. These features will be discussed in detail and how they differ from traditional documents. The key features will be defined and demonstrated in the next sections.

Blockchain Authenticated

The hash of Integra Smart Documents all has their digital fingerprint, or hash, of the final version of the document stored on the Integra blockchain. This fingerprint can be verified by any user and or organization by simply taking the version of the document that is currently possessed and checking the current fingerprint against the digital fingerprint of the document when it was created. If these match then the document is verified as authentic and unaltered.

QR Code

Every Integra Smart Document is embedded with a QR code, it is always an option that can be turned off, that links to VerifiedByIntegra to verify the authenticity of the document. When the QR code is clicked, it will take the user to VerifiedByIntegra where it will show detailed information about the actual transaction stored on the blockchain, to view this information simply click on the transaction Id that will navigate to the Blockchain Explorer. Figure 1 shows what VerifiedByIntegra should look like when the QR code is clicked from an Integra Smart Document.


Figure 1: Example of what VerifiedByIntegra should look like when a QR code is clicked on in an Integra Smart Document.

Embedded Metadata

The ability to embed structured data into Integra Smart Documents is the most important element to understand and what makes these documents so powerful and unique. Most data stored about documents resides in the systems that created the documents but once the documents are sent outside of the organization and or system that created them they are no longer retained in the document. The power of embedded metadata is that the rich, structured, data when a document is created can travel with the document. In addition, once the document has been authenticated as authentic, this data can be trusted and injected into any system simply using data mapping to existing fields.