These are the base APIs that interact with the Integra Blockchain.

The following APIs are known as the base APIs, or chain-code, which are the primary means for interacting with the blockchain. Whether adding hashes of documents or verifying these hashes, these are the APIs that will be required to start adding the blockchain authentication layer to applications for the authenticity of document purposes.

In addition to hashes, the blockchain acts as a public key lookup for verification of hashes along with confirming of digital signatures of these hashes. The Key Management section of the API are the calls associated with the ability to add public keys along with looking up public keys by using the IntegraId of users.

All of the Verify Identity section of API calls allow for various lookups of hashes and give the individual users and or applications to store various keys which will allow lookups of hashes to match keys or identities stored in the proprietary systems. More information about storing 3rd party data will be defined in the "3rd Party Data Storage" section of the documentation.