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Smart Document Example

The easiest way to see Smart Document technology is to walk through a simple example to see the ease and power of blockchain-authenticated documents. The following steps will walk you through the creation of a smart document, the ability to verify the authenticity of the document and view the metadata, and finally show how to view the actual transaction on the blockchain to see the information written to the blockchain.

Create an Integra Smart Document

The first step in understanding blockchain-authenticated smart documents is to simply create one. In order to do so, go to https://smartdocument.integraledger.com/. This is the Integra smart document creator and should look like Figure 1 below.


Figure 1: Integra Smart Document Creator

The first step is to drag and drop any PDF document onto the left-hand side of the page where it says "Upload PDF File". The actual PDF file should show up once it has been dragged and dropped onto the page. The next step is to generate some metadata that will be embedded into the pdf before the fingerprint is registered onto the Integra blockchain. This process is accomplished by calling a the /pdf API call that can been seen here to view API documentation. Below is some sample data that can be copied and pasted into the right hand side of the page and modified as needed.

ledger_type: document
first_name: Jane
last_name: Doe
event: GLH 2022
task: Learn about Smart Documents

Once the information has been copied and pasted, simply click the "Create Document" button and the Integra Smart Document will be downloaded to the browser.

Verify The Document

The next step in the example is to verify the document as authentic. To see the verification process, go to VerifiedByIntegra. Figure 2 shows the what the page will look like when clicked on.


Figure 2: What VerifiedByIntegra will look like when the link above is clicked.

Once on the page, the first step is to drag and drop the document from the first step into the browser on the left-hand side of the page. Once the document is dragged and dropped, it will check the ID of the document to ensure it exists on the blockchain. Information will be displayed about the document transaction that is stored on the blockchain. The Transaction Id can be clicked on to see the actual transaction that registered this document on the Integra Ledger blockchain. See Figure 3 to see what the page should look like with the successful authentication of a document.


Figure 3: Successful authorization of the Smart Document

The right-hand side of the screen does a current check of the document to ensure that it has not been modified since it was registered on the blockchain. There will also be a check to see if Attestation Documents have been appended to the Smart Document. This confirmation will ensure the current state of the document matches the same state as when it was generated in step one of this example.


Use the QR code to get to VerifiedByIntegra

Another option to get to the page, VerifiedByIntegra, is to open the document from the previous step and click on the QR code that was embedded into the document in the upper right-hand corner. Figure 4 shows an example of the QR code that is embedded into the PDF document.


Figure 4: Example QR code embedded into Integra Smart Document

Metadata Viewer

The final step of the example is to see what is contained within the document. In order to see the metadata, in the upper-right hand corner of the page VerifiedByIntegra there is a button that says "Metadata Viewer". Click on the button and you will see a page where you drag and drop your document on the page. Once the document is dragged and dropped onto the page, it will check to ensure it is authentic and if it is then it will extract the metadata from the document and display the information that is pulled from the document.


Data Travels With Document

The most important concept of this example is the fact that data about the document doesn't remain in a document management or contract management system at the creators company but rather the critical information is able to travel with the document itself.

Figure 5 shows what will result from the document that is generated in the first step.


Figure 5: Metadata contained within the document. This allows the information to travel with the document.

Modify the file

One last step in this document is to open it up and actually modify the file, save it and repeat the steps above to verify the document. The document will no longer be valid as authentic!

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